Compression Socks

Yesterday I finally got my pair of compression socks that I ordered last week. I’m willing to do almost anything to be able to play tennis and run again and I read a lot about compression socks and they have a lot of benefits when it comes to prevent injuries and improve recovery. Therefore I ordered these I found at Gearup Actice for a good price! They are black and I took the size S/M and they fit perfectly (I am normally a size 39-40 in European size and 8.5-9.5 in women’s US size). These compression socks are suppose to improve the blood flow, which will result in better and more consistent performance with less fatigue, and faster recovery. It also provides support for critical muscles and tendons helping to reduce inflammation and soreness, which is the main reason to why I’m going to start using them during any activity (biking, weights, and later when I start increasing my activity level with some running, elliptical and tennis). I will keep you all updated how I think they are when I have used them I couple of times, but they feel very comfortable to wear!


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