Green Smoothie with a Twist

Made a green smoothie again as part of my Friday breakfast, felt like my body needed the right energy and nutrients today so I am really going to take care and think about what I eat today to fuel my soul and body in the best way possible! I used the same green smoothie recipe as last time, but I made some small changes to mix it up a little. This one was just as good and actually a little more healthy I would say because I added ginger, which is very rich in nutrients and good for example to prevent inflammation. I wrote a blog post about foods that are good to prevent and heal inflammations a while ago and you can read it HERE. For breakfast today I also boiled two eggs and had one of my raw bliss balls I made yesterday, they are so good! Felt a little bad because it taste like eating candy for breakfast haha, but I know they are healthy and with only natural ingredients! Here is the recipe for the smoothie I made this morning:

2 dl almond milk

1/2 dl quark (I used Fage)

2 handfuls of spinach

1 pealed and chopped green apple

1 pealed and chopped kiwi

1/2 cm of pealed ginger

1 scoop of Perfect Food Raw Green Powder (<- I wrote a blog post about this green powder recently as well)

1/2 scoop of Fitnessguru OneWhey Kiwi Yoghurt

->Just put it all in a mixer and mix until smooth and then enjoy your green healthy drink!


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