Workout Details 

For me it is important to be comfortable when working out when it comes to the clothes and the accessories I’m wearing. When I’m running I always wear my Garmin Forerunner watch (which was a really long time ago since my foot is inflamed).

When I do other workouts like cardio, gym, or tennis I always wear my Polar sport watch because I just like to always be able to know what time it is. Also on my left wrist I wear two of my bracelets from Good Balance. They are both comfortable and look good at the same time as they improve my balance, focus and energy level! I also usually wear an extra hair tie on my wrist in case the one I use for my pony tail or braid would brake in the middle of the workout. Always be prepared because paying attention to the details and change/improve small things might have a huge impact on the overall results!

Remember that you can still get 10% off any energy bracelet from Good Balance with the code “sofiahager”! And they ship worldwide! I love the three good balance bracelets I have so much that I just ordered a forth one! Can’t have too many of them!!


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