I got another monthly health box today, feels like Christmas every time! This time the box was from TasteGuru, with all the products gluten free, perfect for me! I’m excited to try all the different foods and snacks. This is what I got in this monthly box:

  • Better Batter Fudge Brownie Mix
  • Tea’s Tea Green Tea
  • Level Life Protein Snack Bar
  • Dang Coconut Chips
  • Mamma Chia Squeeze
  • Yum Earth Natural Sour Beans
  • IPS Egg white Chips
  • Ass Kickin Honey Roasted Peanut
  • Nocciolata Organic Hazelnut Spread
  • Swoffle Traditional Dutch Waffle

All the things I got are gluten free and I’m the most excited about the coconut chips, egg white chips, hazelnut spread and the green tea health and energy drink! I will give a review after I have tried the different things and let you know what I think. But just receiving this box makes me happy and excited!

You can get your own monthly subscription or just a try-out box HERE. This TasteGuru has the same owner at the Fitsnack box I received another time. The difference is that they are socialized in different things. The Fitsnack is in general just healthy snacks to increase your energy and to stay/get fit while the TasteGuru box has the same goal but with everything 100% gluten free. The only negative thing I would say about the food in these boxes is that everything is not all sugar free. Some things have added sugar (not natural sugar), which I try to stay away from.

Even though I haven’t tried anything from the TasteGuru box yet, except the Level Life protein bar (which I loved) since it was in the last Fitsnack box as well, I believe the gluten free box will be better for me so that I actually can eat everything I receive in the box.


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