“Toes-to-bar” PB!

One of my goals for 2015 was to be able to do a “toes-to-bar”, because that’s an exercise I’ve been really struggling with. Today I tried just for fun when I was done with my back workout and guess what? I did 2!! Guess my core is getting stronger even if my abs are fading away (when putting on more weight/fat). But I guess it makes sense too, muscles need fat to grow so a higher fat % May result in more muscles and being stronger! So I rewarded myself with a selfie (or two) at the gym bathroom hehe 🙈👍 

It’s such an energy booster to do a personal best or be able to succeed with something for the first time! I just want to go back to the gym now and try to do even more “toes-to-bar”! Here is a video from YouTube showing how to do an correct “Toee-to-bar”:


Happy girl with an old ugly t-shirt and messy hair 💁


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