50 reasons to exercise 

If you are lacking motivation I thought I’ll give you a bunch of reasons to why it is good for you to get your workout in! Maybe any of these will help you to get your ass off the couch and get moving 🙂 

It’s important to remember that everything becomes unhealthy in exaggeration. So workout in moderation and not over-doing it will have all these positive impacts(over-doing it will often instead have the opposite impacts):  

  1. It lifts your mood
  2. It improves your learning abilities 
  3. It builds self-esteem
  4. It keeps your brain fit
  5. It keeps your body fit & able
  6. It boosts mental health 
  7. It boosts your immune system
  8. It reduces stress
  9. It makes you feel happier 
  10. It has anti-aging effects
  11. It improves skin tone and color 
  12. It makes you sleep better
  13. It helps to prevent strokes
  14. It improves joint function
  15. It improves muscle strenght 
  16. It alleviates anxiety 
  17. It sharpens memory
  18. It helps to control addictions
  19. It makes you more productive 
  20. It boosts creative thinking 
  21. It improves your body image
  22. It will give you better confidence 
  23. It helps you to keep focused
  24. It improves eating habits
  25. It increases longevity 
  26. It strengthens your bones
  27. It strengthens your heart
  28. It improves posture 
  29. It prevents cold and other sicknesses
  30. It improves appetite 
  31. It improves cholesterol levels
  32. It lowers the risk for (certain) cancers 
  33. It lowers high blood pressure
  34. It lowers the risk for diabetes 
  35. It fights dementia
  36. It eases back pain
  37. It decreases osteoporosis risk
  38. It reduces feelings of depression 
  39. It prevents muscle loss 
  40. It increases energy and endurance 
  41. It increases sports performance 
  42. It increases pain resistance 
  43. It improves balance and coordination 
  44. It improves oxygen supply to the cells
  45. It improves concentration 
  46. It helps with self control
  47. It lessens fatigue 
  48. It increases sex-drive and satisfaction 
  49. It makes life more exciting 
  50. It improve the overall quality of your life  

And there is probably a whole bunch of more benefits of having an active lifestyle! Just remember that if it is becoming an unhealthy habit, something you feel pressure in doing and not longer enjoy, take a break and reflect on what you are doing wrong or what you can change to find what’s the right balanced lifestyle for you, your body & mind. We all are different! 





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