Good Posture

Something that both give a good impression and will prevent injuries, mainly for shoulders/back is good posture! For me being very tall this is extra important to be aware of in my daily life. I have thought about some simple steps that will help to keep/get a good posture. 

  1. Stretch your pec muscles. A flexible pec is a main reason to good posture. (as shown on the first picture below).
  2. Do yoga weekly. Even if you don’t think about it as enhance your posture, it will. Maybe yoga sessions/positions are great for good posture. 
  3. Don’t sit at your desk for too long/too often. If you have to study/ be on your laptop, try to sit up straight and not face the desk, try to change how you’re sitting and take a break to walk around/move your arms/neck every 20-30 minutes. 
  4. Always try to be as tall as you can! Walk around with shoulders back and head high. 
  5. Strengthen your back muscles. If you don’t already, put in some exercises for your back muscles in your schedule. A strong back and flexible pecs is the best combination! The opposite is bad..
  6. Get enough sleep. We all know that being tired tend to worsen your posture both when sitting down or standing up. Stay energized and get the hours of sleep you need every night. 
  7. Stay positive. A positive mind shows a positive body, which most likely means a better posture. Try to stay positive throughout the day! 

That’s my main tips to get/keep a good posture. Anyone else have any good tips to share? 


Picture from google 


Stay positive! 


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