Chocolate Breakfast

One of my addictions right now is to flavor everything with chocolate in different ways. There is so many good ways to do this without using real chocolate full of calories/gluten/dairy and so on..

For example this morning I mixed chocolate stevia drops AND Walden farms chocolate syrup in my quark and cottage cheese to give it a sweet and delicious dessert flavor! Who would not want your breakfast to taste like dessert 😉

Sometime I use maca powder (I have written a blog post about Maca powder and all it’s benefits HERE), Cacao nibs or walden farms chocolate dip or coffee creamer instead! All varieties works well! And then if you want to be really luxury, use quest-puffs or homemade chocolate balls as toppings! Can’t get much better than that!

More than flavoring my yoghurt I usually use chocolate flavors in my oatmeal, smoothies, in my coffee, on rice cakes or pancakes! 


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