Training is a Drug

I had a conversation with my brother today and we both live a very active lifestyle, we love everything that as with working out to do; we love the gym, to run, tennis, power-walks, and to try new activities that involves sweat and challenges.

I have in the past been “over-training” in combination with a calorie-intake way too low, which resulted in weight-loss and an unhealthy and close to dangerous fat percentage. This period in my life lasted for 1-2 years and it left remarks on my body, my bones today are not as strong even though I have a healthy weight and fat %, take extra calcium every day to strengthen my bones, and are well aware of what kind of food (and how much) my body needs everyday to function properly. Today I still get injuries way too easily because of this period I had in my life which impacted my body so hard, which is always disappointing because working out each and every day is still a part of my lifestyle.

This period of training obsession and focus on food intake was mainly mental for me (and I believe it is for most people with an eating disorder or training obsession) and I have had brain-ghosts in my head ever since, even though they are luckily fading away more and more. Today I am happy to be able to say that I can control most of those ghosts and I realized a long time ago that I would never ever get back to the state I was in! I love my body today but I still have the need to workout every day.

This is where I wanted to come with this blog-post, even though I see myself as 100% healthy (or maybe 99%..) I still have workouts planned for every day I can (except if I’m traveling or is sick so I cannot workout). I don’t workout because I feel like I “have to” anymore but it’s just a routine and such a big part of my daily life. It is as my brother told me “like a drug”…

Today when I woke up I felt that my foot was worse (I’ve had a foot inflammation for almost half a year now) and my body in general was tired and felt slow. I then decided to take a REST DAY. This phenomenon of taking a whole day off is scary in my eyes, and I know that many of you out there feel the same. I have managed to take days off before, but then I have automatically been eating less or been over-thinking what kind of food I eat. Today I have been eating as if I would have worked out and I’m struggling not to go to the gym! Put I’m taking one hour at the time and I will get through this day. Then tomorrow is a new day with new possibilities and I will probably have new energy to get a even better workout!

In these situations it’s important to think about that you are taking the day off because you love your body, soul, and life. I have thought about some steps that has helped me so far with coming through rest days when you actually have so much free time to workout.

1) Make up your mind right away when you wake up (or the evening before). Think about when the last day you took a day off was? Most people take at least 1 day off a week.. if they can make it, YOU CAN.

2) Realize that you are doing it for yourself. Don’t let anyone’s stupid comments or your instagram feed or anything else triggering come in your way. You need this, your body need this. And actually, muscles grow and recover on days off, so you might actually get stronger and fitter from doing nothing… how awesome is that?

3) Take it hour by hour. Especially if you’re not busy, you might think “I might as well go to the gym” put NO. Instead try to come up with other things to do. Like me today for example, I did some baking, studying, writing this long blog-post, cleaned my room and took a long nap. It is like I said before like a drug, and all addiction recoveries have to start with small steps, like other addictions when you take one day at a time, with this one take it one hour at a time.

4) Think about tomorrow. If you are really eager to move your body, make up a plan for tomorrows workout instead. And think about the extra energy you’re going to have from this rest day.

5) Eat and drink well! A rest day without the proper nutrition is a fail. Fuel your body the same way you would on a active day, so that you have good energy for tomorrow. Or why not treat yourself something extra (that you baked yourself?) to reward yourself?

6) Be proud. At the end of the day when you’re laying in bed. Be proud of yourself, give yourself some credit and SMILE. If you fall asleep with a smile you will most likely wake up with a smile.

Anyone have any other good tips? Or thoughts about this? All feedback is welcome!



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  1. Simon says:

    Mycket inspirerande! I vårt träningsgalna samhälle så kan det ibland bli för mycket av det goda:)

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