Beach 2015

I came across this article from (which is an incredible inspiring and good website when it comes to training and health) and I just had to share it with you all. Unfortunately it’s in Swedish, so it will only be for my Swedish readers. But I will tell you the main points here:

The article talks about all the mental harm and pressure that comes up for many people with striving for a perfect “Beach Body. There are of course food schedules  and workouts you can follow to get this “perfect” body, but will it make you happier? Is it worth it for you? The main point here is that we all are different and beautiful. No one will be more worth for having a tight body on the beach this summer…

So instead of wasting way too many hours and days struggling to get the perfect look you see in magazines and on instagram. Stop and think about why you would want it and if it’s actually that important for you? Maybe you should use all those hours to work on your self-esteem instead?

Start right here and go and stand in front of the biggest mirror you own and tell yourself that “I am beautiful just as I am” and repeat it multiple times. Do this everyday, strive to empower yourself. A confident and happy mind is showing way more beauty and spark than a skinny insecure person!

So if you want to read the this good article, click HERE! <–


Wearing my favorite sweater from Stronger Sweden


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