Morning run!

First time in 6 months that I ran 10km! There is almost no better feeling than finishing up a nice run. Especially a morning run like this in the sun rise! At some points during the run it was mentally tough and I had thoughts about stopping and walk just because I’m not mentally used to run anymore. I have to get back into it. It’s like so many other things, a habit. The more you do it, the more comfortable and easier it will get mentally. I am happy I pushed through and my foot felt good during the whole run! I just hope it will stay good throughout the day, because sometimes the pain comes after the activity and not during.

After the run I rewarded myself with a BIG BREAKFAST. I prepared a chia-pudding with cinnamon and ginger bread spice last night, so this morning it was just to take it out, stir and then add my massive mountain of delicious toppings haha. Don’t know if there is anyone who has as much toppings as I do? But I just love it 🙂

Here is the recipe for the chia-pudding:

  • 2 dl almond milk
  • 3.5 tablespoons chia seeds
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon ginger bread spice

-> Put all the ingredients in a jar and stir well. Put the lid on and put in the fridge over night. The next morning, take it out, stir and pour over to a bowl. Add all the toppings and enjoy!

My toppings today: natural quark (Fage), cottage cheese, pumpkin seeds, raw walnuts, roasted almonds, goji-berries, mulberries, golden-berries, coconut flakes, roasted sunflower seeds, chopped kiwi, mixed berries, almond butter.

This breakfast is all gluten free and it’s also dairy free and paleo-friendly if you just exclude the quark and cottage cheese as toppings!

Screen shot 2015-04-30 at 8.05.29 AM


2 thoughts on “Morning run!

  1. Oh my goodness, that’s awesome! Way to go! I absolutely love morning runs…I’m finally getting back into running, it’s too cold here in he winter and treadmills bore me. I miss running in Eugene so much!

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