Spinning + Studying

To get as much time as possible to spend on studying today I woke up pretty early and made my own spinning workout at the gym! Something I really miss is going to real spinning classes, which I usually do when I’m a member at a gym back home in Sweden. That is for sure something I am going to start with right away when I get home this summer. It is a great and though workout, but it’s also nice for your body, especially your knees, chins, and feet. With running and other activities when you have contact and pushing from the ground it can easily create injuries. Therefore, spinning is perfect for me with my recent foot inflammation!

This morning I did this workout (I kept the same resistance throughout the whole workout):

1-10 min warm-up

10-22 min 60 sec ON / 60 sec OFF (6 intervals)

22-34 min 40 sec ON / 20 sec OFF (12 intervals)

34-45 min cool down

After this I went home took a shower and enjoyed a big breakfast before digging into my course books..


chia-pudding with quark and cottage cheese and a massive amount of toppings, including fresh raspberries!


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