Had a great day today, with my morning class canceled I got in a biceps + triceps workout in the morning. Then after I had lunch, I went to see the trainer for some kind off “exit-test” since I’m graduating, but it only took like two minutes. So I got plenty of time to go to Starbucks before my afternoon class! So bought a Americano with soymilk and sat in the sun a little before my class.

After my class I put my compression socks and Garmin watch on and went out for a run! Ended up being 10 km, and I wanted to make it under 45 minutes, but I didn’t make it, even though i was SO CLOSE. I ran it in 45:17! I will keep my goal for next time! Felt great afterward though and I have really fallen back in love with the running after my 6 months off! I LOVE IT.

Screen shot 2015-05-06 at 5.52.07 PM 



One thought on “10k

  1. Oh My My, you are truly inspirational. I will be following your streak pretty soon as a reference to my spirit. Thank you for your post.

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