Eugene Half-Marathon!

I DID IT!! I’m so proud over myself and so happy that I was able to do the race without any real training for it and since I have only been running 5 times in the last 6 month and NEVER than far! My foot stayed pain free during the whole race and I hope it will stay fine now after when it will cool down as well.

The feeling while running and especially afterward was amazing. I can’t even describe it. So many people cheering along the whole race and everyone was just super happy! Since it was my first race ever I have never experienced something like that. And running the last 200m inside Hayward Field felt just crazy! I’m still so excited and happy that I decided to do it even though I couldn’t train for it with my foot injury.

I ran in on the time 1:36:46 (for 13.1miles/21.09km), which is actually way better than what I expected since my only goal was to get around and finish.

I can already feel it in my body though, I’m so sore and can barely walk haha but it was for sure worth it!! And it’s not impossible that I will do it again in the future!

IMG_539811174255_10205831886689017_1828001490497838650_oScreen shot 2015-05-10 at 10.53.20 AM

I hope you all liked my head-band? haha it says “13.1 Only half crazy” 😀 I was also so excited when I crossed the finish line so I forgot to stop my Garmin watch, therefore the average pace and so on are a little off on the last picture, but still good!


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