Shoulders + Chest 

I’m from the beginning a person who just loves cardio and running but I have always tried to go over to doing more weights instead to build up a strong and healthy body. I have had periods were I pretty much only did weights and injuries have forced me to stay away from both running and different kinds of cardio for longer periods…

But now when my foot injury is close to 100% healthy and I’m able to run and vary my cardio again I’ve fallen back in love with it! Even though I need to be careful and can’t put pressure on my foot and run/elliptical everyday i feel like that’s what I enjoy the most! 

I’m trying to find my motivation for weight-lifting again because I know that’s better for my body. Or at least it will help me to stay strong and injury free in the long run. I also rather want a strong and muscoulus body… And today I succeeded with a really good shoulder and chest session at the gym! I started with 15 minutes on the elliptical and followed up with:

  • DB incline bench press superset with DB alternating front raises
  • DB Upright row superset with DB laying chest flies
  • DB shoulder press superset with Cable chest flies
  • DB lateral raises superset with DB Bench press
  • Cable lateral raises single arm

I did 4-6 sets of each and 10-15 reps each set. 

Now I’m happy and ready for a BIG dinner 😀 


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