Quinoa/noodles, shrimp + pesto

Was actually a long time ago I mixed together one of my favorite dishes like this one! So for dinner today I decided to make this quick, healthy and delicious meal! 

I made quinoa and noodles (because I couldn’t decide what I wanted so made both hehe) fried shrimp, broccoli, & garlic in a pan. Chopped sun- dried tomatoes & avocado and roasted pine-nuts! Then I just mix all of it together with way too much pesto sauce and it taste great! 

It does taste 100 times better with homemade pesto sauce though, but I have to wait with that until I get back home to mummy;) if you just search for “pesto” on my blog you should get up my favorite recipe for both normal pesto sauce & pesto made of almonds! They are both delicious!


And yes I had 2 and a half of these bowls (quinoa made for 4 people and noodles made for 2 haha) 


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