Shoulders + Core

I’m so happy I had time to go to the gym today in between all the studying, selling, and packing! I had a great shoulder & core workout and I also got some cardio in. This is probably one of my favorite workouts right now, doing super-sets alternating between one shoulder exercise and one core exercise makes it easy to keep the pace up! Since the muscle groups are so different, one is resting while I’m working on the other one!

Today’s workout looked like this:

  • Cable Shoulder Press superset with Hanging Knee Raises
  • DB Alternating Shoulder Press superset with DB Russian Twist
  • DB Lateral Raises superset with 1 min plank
  • DB Cuban Press superset with Cable Side Twist
  • DB Upright Row superset with Cable Crunches

Then I finished the workout with 40 minutes on the spinning bike (in a pretty easy pace though because I did some readings for my final exam tomorrow at the same time hehe -> multitasking!)


selfie from today in my pink shirt from Banana Republic.


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