Last LegDay in the US!

Got a lot done today! Started the day with my LAST EVER in-class final (I only have one more final exam which is online in a few days). Then my roommate drove me around to finish up some thing that had to be done before I leave the country. For example I ended my phone contract and sold my phone so now I’m without a phone for 2.5 days! Hopefully I will survive hehe.

Which means that my Instagram (sofiahager) will not be as active these 2-3 days until I get back home.

In the afternoon I had a class and then I met up Lina and Daan at the gym for a Leg workout! Or Lina went home pretty quick after the warm-up and Daan was doing a full body workout, but I did legs + butt! Got a good 1 hour gym workout with 10 minutes biking afterwards.

These are the exercises I did today:

  • BB Squats
  • BB Russian Deadlifts
  • Hip Abductor
  • Hip Adductor
  • DB Walking Lunges
  • Leg Press Wide
  • Cable Kickback
  • Led Extensions

I did all exercises 4 sets and about 10-12 reps and then I did a 10 minutes “cool down” on the stationary bike. IMG_5957


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