Home Sweet Home

It feels so good to be home in Sweden! My parents met me at the airport and had their own designed “Welcome home Sofia”´-sign for me and my brother was home at their house waiting for us when we came back! We took a little family walk and then had a nice salmon dinner (I’ve missed my mum’s food!) and a relaxing evening here at home. Pictures from yesterday are up on my instagram –> sofiahager

I also had some presents waiting for me at home, both that I had ordered myself and then my mum had some presents for me as well. Felt like Christmas as always when I come home. 🙂 First of all my new Hp laptop was waiting for me, I’m so happy with it so far! Then my own desinged Nike Free ID shoes, a bikini from Eyecandy and I got matching silver necklace + earlings and a face treatment at a saloon from my mum!

Once a Swede always a Swede !


We spiced up the evening walk with some pull-ups and fun at a random playground hehe


One Comment Add yours

  1. Bhanu says:

    I like this-
    “Once a Swede always a Swede”

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