Gym workout with Victoria

After finishing up at work today I met up Victoria at the gym for a leg &butt workout. We had a good sweaty hour of these exercises:

10 min step up machine

  • Squats, 5 sets
  • Hip Thrusters with barbell, 4 sets
  • Goblet Squats with DB, 4 sets
  • Walking Lunges with DB, 4 sets
  • Cable kickbacks, 3 sets
  • Leg Extensions, 4 sets
  • Hip abductor, 4 sets
  • Leg press, 4 sets

5 min cool down on the bike

I’m so happy Victoria and I have found each other. Two workout and food enthusiasts in little Skara 😊 It gives so much energy and happiness to spend time and workout with someone with similar goals and mindset!

And we were matching in pink today hehe


One Comment Add yours

  1. Bhanu says:

    Your persistence at Gym and Body Building inspires me.
    Thanks for sharing !

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