MSM Powder

I won a sample of MSM powder from Helhetshalsa when Lisa had a competition on her Instagram a few weeks ago. I had heard a lot of a lot of positive things about MSM powder so I was happy I got to try it. Now I’ve taken the daily dose for 2 weeks and I believe it’s working as it says it should! Here is some basic imformation about MSM powder:

MSM is short for methylsulfonylmethane, it’s a 100% organic sulfur compound, which exist naturally in the human body. MSM does also exist in many raw and fresh food.

The human body needs sulfur for the building of proteins, enzymes, and other substances that protect the cells from toxins och oxidation. Sulfur is also essential to maintain normal body functions. MSM is known to have a positive effect on for example…

  • reduce swelling and inflamations
  • keep the pH-value more neutral
  • Improve the blood supply
  • Histamine-causing substances that cause allergies can be more effectively washed away
  • The body’s aging slows down
  • Hair and nails are built up because they consist largely of sulfur
  • Cells can more easily absorb nutrients
  • Certain types of pain get alleviated
  • Gives some people more energy

I can feel that I have a great amount of energy and I haven’t felt much of my inflamed foot which is great! I have also noticed that my hair and nails are strongr and look healthier. So I would absolutely advice you to try MSM powder and see if it can have these positive effects on you as well!

I take 1 teaspoon mixed in a glass of water every morning together with my breakfast.

The recipe for this mocha-coffee oatmeal will come up in my next blogpost! 


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