Back attack!

I don’t write up my workouts here very often because I don’t have any good pictures or videos showing the exercises, and many exercises I don’t even know the name for. Would that be something you would like to read more of? More workouts and training to mix with all the recipes?

Anyway, today I went to the gym not too motivated to workout, but right when I put my feet inside the gym the motivation came back! I went through a really good back session! I can feel that I’m getting stronger! I never really plan the exercises on before hand I just decide what muscle group to train before I go to the gym. Then I come up with exercises as I go along and do what I feel like doing!

This is how my back workout looked like today:

  • DB Single arm rows, 6 sets
  • Barbell Row, 4 sets superset with:
  • Cable Scissors, 4 sets
  • Cable Row, 4 sets superset with:
  • DB Rear Raises, 4 sets
  • Cable Lat Pulldown, 4 sets superset with:
  • Cable Single row, 4 sets
  • Cable Front Push Down, 4 sets superset with: 
  • DB Flies, 4 sets

If there is any exercise you wonder what it is or how to do it, just write a comment and I’ll try to explain.

Took some flex pictures when I came home after the workout hehe. I also got a hair cut today, even though it’s hard to tell with my messy braid, but my hair is a little shorter, and look 100 times healthier 🙂 


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