Wake Up Energy

Tried the Wake Up Energy from Swenutrition for the first time this morning after breakfast. Normally I have a hard time with energy drinks and sport drinks because they include way too much caffein or something for my body to handle, even if I drink only half can of Celsius or NOCCO I often feel sick or get hyper energized in a bad way. That’s why I was so excited to try Wake Up because it doesn’t include just as much caffein as those drink, but it still contain the level of a normal cup of coffee.

The flavor I got home is called just “normal energy drink” and it taste exactly like redbull!

You put the Wake Up tablet in 2-3 dl cold water and wait to drink until the tablet is totally unsolved. Having a tablet to add to water is so much easier and convenient that having to store cans around the house and in the fridge. A huge plus for me!

Wake Up Energy include caffeine, Taurine, and other good vitamin sources like B3, B5, B6 och B12. They also have one in Lemon flavor.

I personally felt really good after drinking 1 dose of this, no illness, feeling weird in my stomach, or hyper energized like I easily get of other energy drinks. I just got better focus and more energy, like it should be! So if you’re sensitive to to high amounts of caffeine or sport drinks in general this might be a good solution for you too!

Wake Up Energy 2st

Picture from Swenutrition.com


I drank my Wake Up right after breakfast this morning. 


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