Pancake Cake with Fresh Berries

Today feels like Sunday for me because I start a 5 days in a row working week tomorrow. Luckily Victoria came over and we made dinner together. It was PANCAKE CAKE on the menu! We found the recipe on PtbyEmma’s blog but we put our own touch on it! We were a little worries during our cooking session because the cake looked a little loose, but it ended up really good! And we just split it in half and finished every drop/piece of it! 😀

This is what we used for one cake:

5 eggs

3 bananas

1 can coconut cream (250ml)

1/2 can almond butter

a sparkle of coconut flakes

a sparkle of cinnamon

fresh raspberries

fresh blackberries

-> Start by mashing 2 bananas in a bowl and mix it with the eggs. We added a little cinnamon and then fried our banana pancakes in coconut oil. It ended up being 7 medium-sized pancakes. While frying the pancakes, whisk the coconut cream until fluffy, cut the berries in halfes, and mix one mashed banana with the almond butter and a little water. When the pancakes are done, start layering with one pancake, then coconut cream, and then berries, then start over with a new pancake until finishing the pancakes and add coconut cream on top and top with the almond sauce, fresh berries, and some coconut flakes. DONE & DELICIOUS! 





After the baking and finishing up the cake we took a nice walk in the city with some girl talk. A perfect evening before starting a long week of work.


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