Nut Chocolate Chia-Pudding

Prepared today’s afternoon snack last night. A tasty and healthy chia-pudding is so easy to make! I added some protein powder both for a better taste (taste like a dessert) and for more protein. Just prepare this the evening before (or at least 3 hours before eating it) and don’t forget to add some delicious topping! Today I just had raspberries and blackberries, but an favorite is to add some dried super-food, homemade granola, or chocolate pudding.

Nut Chocolate Chia-Pudding

This chia-pudding is 100% gluten free, dairy free, and free from added sugar. If you skip the protein powder it’s also paleo-friendly! 


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    1. Molly Olsson says:

      Låter väldigt gott! Fin blogg du har Sofia, här ska jag kika in igen. 🙂 Kram och tack för din fina kommentar på min blogg. ❤

      1. Sofia Häger says:

        Åh tack va kul att du tycker det! 🙂 kram

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