Green Smoothie

Started this day with a morning walk followed by a real health boost to breakfast. A green smoothie filled with nutrients, my Banana Coconut Scones (which is 100% paleo) topped with some veggies, kiwi and a large cup of coffee. Now I’m more than ready for this Sunday! I have failed to make green smoothies many times, but now I have learned what ingredients are necessary to not make it taste bitter. Instead this smoothie taste really fresh and a little sour! The secret is to add some citrus fruit in the mix, it takes away the bitterness which can be caused of greens or superfood powders. 

Green Smoothie (1 glass)

-> Put everything in a mixer and blend until smooth. If you want it more creamy add more banana and if you like it more liquid add more milk. I topped my glass with some bee pollen



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