Berry Sorbet

Do you also want to eat ice cream for breakfast? This healthy variety of sorbet, also called nice cream is super easy to make and delicious. A fresh start of the day!

Berry Sorbet (1 portion)

-> Put the banana and raspberries in a bowl and use a stick blender. Add a little milk at a time until it starts to become smooth like ice cream. Add the berry mix powder and blend until you see no banana or raspberry chunks. Serve in a bowl right away!

I filled my bowl with 250 grams of quark in raspberry & rhubarb flavor, a lot of almond butter and mulberries + incaberries. A Fresh and delicious start of the day. Fantastic when your breakfast taste like dessert, right?

  This berry sorbet is 100% paleo. The quark is not paleo since its dairy, but the whole bowl is gluten free & free from added sugar! 



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