Fitnessbutiken Surprise 

As many of you readers know I have a addiction of buying new workout clothes, especially tights. Can never get too many tights! And there is so many different brands and styles out there so every time I’m buying a new pair (the best motivation boost with new workout gear!?) I usually end up buying more than one pair.. This time it happened again and I am more than happy with the result! The ICANIWILL tights I have wanted for such a long time, and I’m very happy I finally got them! They fit perfectly and stay on place even when moving a lot!

Got the tights in the mail earlier this week and have of course already tried them during my workouts. Very satisfied! I ordered them both from Fitnessbutiken, which had good service and very quick delivery! And I have a surprise for you readers… You can get 100 SEK off if you buy over 900 SEK with the code “blogg-72H5B-fb“. Just add the code in the check out. 

So if I were you I would go and check out their website right away, they have all kinds of workout clothes and gear of different known brands, but also a lot of supplements and health related products. It is for sure one of my new favorite web shops! 

What is your favorite workout clothes/health supplement website? 

In my new Fitnessbutiken gear ready for a workout!

This picture is taken from icaniwill on Instagram. But it shows the tights I ordered and I’m totally in love! 


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  1. Bhanu says:

    You are amazing !

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