Chocolate Superfood Chia-pudding

SUCCESS! Mixed together another chia-pudding, but with a new combination of flavors and superfoods for me. Turned out great and especially together with the toppings I chose. It’s a must try!

Chocolate Superfood Chia-pudding (1 portion)

-> Mix together the milk, chia-seeds, carob powder and maca powder in a jar with a lid. Put in the fridge over night. Take out in the morning and add the shredded zucchini. Optional if you want to put the chia-pudding in the microwave for a little or not, I prefer it warm. Add the toppings!

My toppings today:

The combination of the chocolate flavor and the crunchiness of the almondbutter and the softness from the mulberries makes this breakfast delicious and absolutely one of my favorites! 

 This breakfast is also 100% paleo, free from gluten, dairy and added sugar! 


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Emma says:

    Åh så gott! Den där chiapuddingen ser ljuvlig ut!

    1. Sofia Häger says:

      Ja det var den! Du borde testa 🙂

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