Healthy Chocolate balls

I’ve written this recipe before and I’ve made it so made times because it’s a favorite both for me and among my family and friend. I believe they taste even better than “normal” chocolate balls and they are gluten free, dairy free and free from added sugar! So it’s totally fine to eat more than 1-2 at once 😉

Healthy chocolate balls (about 10 medium-sized)

-> Mix everything in a blender until it becomes a dough. Roll into balls and roll them in the coconut flakes. Put in the fridge for about 20-30 minutes and ENJOY a healthy and delicious snack!

The original recipe is from Ida Warg

Invited my grandpa, Kerstin, my brother with girlfriend to my place for a Swedish FIKA (cup of coffee with something sweet to eat) this afternoon 😄👌🏻


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