Black Currants Smoothie

Started my Sunday with a new delicious smoothie filled with nutrients! Smoothies based on bananas are very nice to my stomach and a great start of the day. On the side I had two boiled eggs and a green kiwi to make my breakfast complete.

Black Currant Smoothie (1 high glass)

-> Just put everything in a blender and mix until smooth. Pour over to a high glass and sprinkle some bee pollen on top. Refreshing and delicious!

Most of the superfoods I use in my recipes are from amazing Alivefoods, and right now you can get 15 % off your whole purchase if you use the promo code “solstice15” on your order. I just got some new products from there so I would encourage you to check it out! I’m sure you will love their products just as much as I do!  You get to there website HERE. 

This smoothie is 100% free from gluten, dairy and added sugar! Also paleo-friendly and low fodmap. 


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