Homemade Vanilla Granola (made in pan)

The homemade granola I make weekly (it’s my biggest addition!) I make in the oven. Today I tried to make a similar one but in a pan on the stove instead. It gives it a little different texture but it still tasted really good and it went much quicker to make!

Homemade Vanilla Granola (made in pan) 

-> Start to heat up a pan on medium-high, add the coconut oil. When it is melted add the nuts and let them become light brown. Then add the rest of the ingredients and maybe turn down the heat slightly. Stir well so nothing gets burned. When it is all light brown and dry turn of the heat and let cool down before eating.

I enjoy my granola on top of smoothies, yoghurt, quark, with milk, on oatmeal, on pancakes, on fruit salads and more. Just be creative!


This amazing granola is 100% free from gluten, dairy and sugar! 


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