Turmeric shot

Recipe in Swedish below // Recept på svenska längre ner

Turmeric is a real superfood! Maybe the best one that exist? With the most and strongest benefits? At least I know it’s well known for being the strongest anti-inflammatory known, a very great antioxidant stronger than all other vitamins and minerals and it also include curcumin, which prevents cancer, brain tumors and Alzheimer.

Turmeric Shot (about 4-8 shots)

-> Peal the lemon, lime and ginger, and put together with the apples in a food processor/juice centrifuge. Then add the turmeric powder in the juice and stir. Your health boost shot is ready!


Recept på svenska:

Gurkmeja shot (4-8 shots)

-> Skala citronen, limen och ingefäran och kör i juice centrifuge tillsammans med äpplena. Tillsätt sedan gurkmejan i juicen och rör ordentligt. Klart!

Vill ni få rabatt på ekologiskt gurkmeja pulver till era egna health shots eller smoothies så kan ni använda koden “Sofia Häger17”Gooddays.se så får ni 15 %! 


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