Got the W

Played my first singles match this season today against Stanford (#10) and I can almost not believe that I actually won! It’s the first time I win my singles match against Stanford in my four years of college tennis. 

After being off for more than 6 months there was a lot of different feelings and emotions going on while I played. First of all I didn’t play close to how good I was before the injury-break and my playing style is totally different since I am not used to it anymore.. But ugly tennis works too sometimes since I got the one and only win for our team.

I really hope my foot stays strong now after this singles match and I’m looking forward to finish up this season strong with my amazing team! 

Go Ducks!



Back on the court!

It was so fun to be back out on the court yesterday even if the match didn’t go our way. But it will take time to get everything back, I only practiced twice before the match so didn’t expect too much from it even though it’s always fun to win of course! 

My foot (and actually my whole body) is so sore from playing, since I’m not used to it anymore! But my foot, injury wise, feels fine! I’m so happy and tomorrow when we play Colorado it might happen that I play singles! But we will see. Just happy its going in the right direktion! Cant wait to be 100% injury free! (Hopefully that will happen)  Go Ducks! 



Yesterday’s lunch (chicken salad) and today’s Starbucks breakfast(fried eggs, strawberries & an americano) on the pictures 🙂  


Today is a special day not only because it’s my birthday but also because I am going to play the first match of this season today! Only doubles though, but I don’t care. I’m so happy that I will be able to play a match (even though I’ve only practiced twice so far haha). & as long as my foot does not get worse I will keep playing the coming matches!! Keep your thumbs crossed 😄 We play against Utah at 1.30pm and the weather looks amazing so it will be outside! GO DUCKS!


Team in Utah! 

Traveling with the team

I’m away with my team this weekend in Utah, we played Utah State yesterday and won 5-2, and today we play BYU! I’m still not able to play because of my foot injury, so just watching the matches and wanting to play so much is kinda tough for me,and it feels like I’m missing out on treatment and progress when I’m not back home with the trainer, but I’m hanging in there. As long as my rehab go forward and not backwards I guess I should be happy!

After the match today we will be driving straight to the airport, so will get back to Eugene late tonight. Then a busy week is waiting! With 3 finals during Mon-Wed and then we leave again, back to Utah, on Thursday morning. Wish I could play so bad!

Just a little weekend update from me!


University of Oregon Women’s Tennis Team 2015

Our new poster got released yesterday, just in time for our first home match now on Saturday against Minnesota at 11am. I am getting really impatient because I really want to play with my team and I love the whole spirit/feeling with the dual tennis season, but I just have to stay positive and hope that these next three weeks will really heal my inflamed ankle. Also, I’m following the Australian Open a little.. But Federer is out already so I have to focus more on the women’s side where my favorite Sharapova is still in! All this tennis around me makes me miss it big time! Cannot believe I haven’t played for real since the beginning if October! But I AM going to make my comeback soon 😇


First practice 2014/2015

Had the first practice with the coaches and 3 people (those who are here already) from my team this morning. Felt really good to be out there in the court as a team again. Even though Lina and I didn’t sleep much last night, she got back around midnight and the jet-lag just didn’t let us sleep… It was a pretty short practice, just hitting balls for a little more than an hour, exactly what I needed. Tomorrow the whole team should be here and we have a compliance and team meeting and probably practice in the afternoon. Feels great to be back! Go Ducks!