Back on the court!

It was so fun to be back out on the court yesterday even if the match didn’t go our way. But it will take time to get everything back, I only practiced twice before the match so didn’t expect too much from it even though it’s always fun to win of course! 

My foot (and actually my whole body) is so sore from playing, since I’m not used to it anymore! But my foot, injury wise, feels fine! I’m so happy and tomorrow when we play Colorado it might happen that I play singles! But we will see. Just happy its going in the right direktion! Cant wait to be 100% injury free! (Hopefully that will happen)  Go Ducks! 



Yesterday’s lunch (chicken salad) and today’s Starbucks breakfast(fried eggs, strawberries & an americano) on the pictures 🙂  

Traveling with the team

I’m away with my team this weekend in Utah, we played Utah State yesterday and won 5-2, and today we play BYU! I’m still not able to play because of my foot injury, so just watching the matches and wanting to play so much is kinda tough for me,and it feels like I’m missing out on treatment and progress when I’m not back home with the trainer, but I’m hanging in there. As long as my rehab go forward and not backwards I guess I should be happy!

After the match today we will be driving straight to the airport, so will get back to Eugene late tonight. Then a busy week is waiting! With 3 finals during Mon-Wed and then we leave again, back to Utah, on Thursday morning. Wish I could play so bad!

Just a little weekend update from me!



After 8 days in Cancun, Mexico we are now back in Eugene to celebrate Christmas. We had sunny and warm weather every day except maybe one and a half day when it was cloudy, but that was probably just good for our bodies to get some rest from the sun. Not gonna write much more about the vacation, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.. 😀


In the US again!

I’m in Seattle! After a long flight and a lot of waiting in different queues and for my suitcase (and some running at London Heathrow airport to make my flight) I’m now sitting here eating an small expensive chicken salad waiting for my last short flight to Eugene (I have a 6h layover now…). Will reward myself with a vanilla latte from Starbucks soon, I have missed Starbucks over the summer! Have a feeling I might spend too much money there the next coming weeks..


Next time I’m writing a blog post I’ll be in my apartment in Eugene! Can’t wait!

Last day in Sweden

The time has gone so fast but also so slow up to this day, when I was working during summer every day felt so long and like the weeks lasted forever, but these three last weeks have been flying by! I can barely believe that I am leaving to go back to Eugene early tomorrow morning. I have had a great summer with of course both ups and downs, but mostly ups 🙂 and I am excited to go back to the states. I’m ready to start my last year in college and make the best year out of it! And then I will be back in Sweden in the middle of June 2015 (!!) hehe

Today I had tennis practice at 6.45 am, so I’m getting used to wake up early again hehe, and it went well! Since I am a morning person I have no problem with getting up early to workout, I actually prefer working out in the morning! After the tennis I did some weights for the whole body since I know it will be a few days without any tennis or weights now with traveling and so on… Now I’m just at home, trying to finish my packing, and just relaxing. I booked a spinning session for this afternoon, which I’m really excited about too! Has been a while since I went to spinning now, and I know it will not happen in the states, at least not often…

I will try to write something in the blog from the layovers when I travel if the internet is good enough! Otherwise I’ll write when I’m back in my lovely apartment in Eugene! 🙂


the best photo from this summer haha