I’m a 25 year old health- and food enthusiast and former tennis player. I have played tennis almost my whole life and came home to Sweden in June 2015 after having played for the University of Oregon, USA in Division 1 for 4 years. I’m now on a new chapter in life with a full-time job at Sectra AB in Linköping, Sweden. I’m striving to find the balance between my full-time job, spend time with friends & family and at the same time maintain an active lifestyle with my passion for clean and healthy food.

I still play tennis once in a while, but my workouts mostly consist of strength-training, running, and spinning these days. I’m also a spinning instructor having two classes a week, I love to inspire and motivate people around me. I also love to experiment in the kitchen with new ingredients and recipes, which you will see the most of here together with some training motivation and other aspects of my daily life.

You can follow me on Instagram where I update more frequently @sofiahager

If you are interested in a collaboration/ambassadorship or if you have any questions, email me at sofiahagerblog@outlook.com


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  1. Abby Morrow says:

    Hi! My name is Abby and I really don’t want to seem creepy, but I found your blog and I love it!!!!

    I’m a student athlete as well here at the U of O!

    I was just wondering how you eat like you do?! I have tried for soooo long to lose some excess weight and get a 6 pack. But I can’t for the life of me!

    I was wondering if it’s hard to eat paleo being an athlete! I want to learn your ways because I am so jealous of your body!!!

    Let me know!!:)


    Abby Morrow

    1. Sofia Häger says:

      Hey abby and thank you for your comment! What sport do you play here at the U of O? I’m actually not fully doing paleo I just get inspired by living a paleo lifestyle. I eat 100% gluten free and over all pretty healthy but absolutely not 100% paleo (I don’t have the dedication to do that either 😉 ) let me know if you have any other questions 🙂

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