To Prevent Inflammation

Something that my body is very familiar with is inflammations, I have had a inflamed tendon in my shoulder for almost two years now, which is why I haven’t been able to play tennis to 100% the last two years. It is a frustrating injury because it need 100% rest right away when you get it, my old coach forced me to play through the pain every day which made it so bad that it’s now pretty much a chronic inflammation. I have rested long periods of times now in after-hand but it’s always there (even though it gets better with rest). Also, about four months ago I got a tendon in my ankle inflamed, which is why I’m now wearing a cast, to get the weight off my foot to make it possible to heal. At least the coaches we have now let me take the decision to play through the pain or get in a cast in a try to make it 100% healed first, even though I will be missing at least half the season. Of course I chose to try to make it heal, I do not want another chronic inflammation!

With all this injury history I made some research to see if there is something that could help me decrease my inflammation or decrease my risk of getting another injury like these. What I found is that your diet can play a huge role! First of all, many websites I found stated that a low-carb, no sugar, and no saturated fat diet would help an inflammation to heal. Other specific food that could really help is taking extra Omega-3 or eating food which includes Omega-3 and healthy fats, like salmon, nuts, seeds, avocado, coconut oil and so on. I also find foods like blueberries, broccoli, spinach, ginger, and low-fat yoghurt as good foods that could help to heal or prevent inflammation in your body. So these are foods that I’m trying to extra of right now as well as that I’m taking Omega-3 every morning.

If anyone have other tips or ideas about how to heal a inflammation, except resting (which is obvious) let me know with a comment!



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